(Bishop’s Council/Diocesan Board of Finance/Mission & Pastoral Committee)

Ex officio: The Bishop of Durham
The Bishop of Jarrow
The Dean of Durham
The Archdeacon of Sunderland
The Archdeacon of Durham
The Archdeacon of Auckland
Chair of the House of Clergy
Chair of the House of Laity
Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance

Clergy Revd Canon S J Bamber
Revd Dr N R Shave
Revd D M Brooke

Laity: Mr M Banks
Dr A Goudie
Dr J H Harrison
Mrs H Hopper
Mr B Kirton
Mr N Wyrley-Birch
Mr S Pickering
Dr A C Price
Mrs F Stenlake

In Attendance: Adviser in Women’s Ministry
Director of Mission, Discipleship & Ministry
Bishop’s Chaplain

Secretary: Mr A Thurston, Diocesan Secretary, Diocesan Office