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Resources for Youth Ministry

Recommended Resources for Young People:

Bible App YouVersion – Great free Bible app; lots of versions and enables group study etc – click here
The Bible Project – Videos, Bible Study notes, free Bible resources and lots more; a great resource – click here


Recommended Resources for Youth Leaders:

Image result for fusion link upFusion Student Link Up – helps to connect young people to church when they go off to university – click here
Image result for why on earth church armyWhy on earth…? is a lively collection of sessions for small groups. Each session gives an easy way into one of the hard questions of faith and includes a short, animated video. Click here
Alpha Youth – 12 part video series free – click here (new series launched Oct 2017)
Premier Youth and Children’s Work – free resources including meeting guides, all-age service plans, discussion starters, reflective activities, games, music, movies – click here
Schoolswork UK – free web-based resources including lesson and assembly plans and outlines – click here
Energize – web-based resources (subscription) from Urban Saints for ages 3-18 – click here. You can get a month’s free trial of the resources.
Roots – weekly resources to enrich worship and learning for the whole church (subscription). 2 sets -Adult and all age / children and young people – click here
Youth for Christ – series of web-based age appropriate resources including Rock Solid & Lumen (11-14s), Mettle & Frames (15-18s) (subscription) – click here
Scripture Union – Grid (11-14s) and SUbstance (15-18s) resources (not web-based) – click here
The Resource – exists to equip, support, encourage, train and develop those working with children and young people – click here
Youth Work Resource – UK based site aiming to equip both paid and volunteer youth workers in their church & schools ministry – click here
Inspired Classrooms – This resource is a great way to get churches to engage with local schools. Click here
Going 4 Growth – Church of England resource hub with excellent resources and links on wide range of issues e.g. training, mental health, bereavement etc etc – click here


Recent Reports:

Rooted in the Church (2016) – Church of England report examining why young people stay (or don’t!) within the church – click here
Passing on Faith (2016) – Theos Think Tank report exploring attitudes among parents to passing on faith to their children – click here
Losing Heart (2016) – Youthscape survey reporting on churches’ engagement with children and young people – click here
From Anecdote to Evidence (2013) – Church of England findings from the Church Growth Project – click here


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