The Revd David Tomlinson in Victorian Garb

 The Revd David Tomlinson in Victorian Garb

The Revd David Tomlinson in Victorian Garb
A Shildon Church has been remembering life as it was in Shildon before the outbreak of War in 1914. The Anglican parish of St John’s Church in Shildon, County Durham put on a celebration of life and crafts of the late Victorian era on Saturday 3rd May. The event was designed to be a precursor to the start of its own commemorations later in 2014 for those that lost their lives in the Great War between 1914-1918. The Shildon church was a buzzing hive of activity at the spring Victorian fare with demonstration of crafts from the period still practised today. With the organisers dressed in period costume and visitors in abundance, the event struck a chord of significance for life that would change for ever with the outbreak of war. The Revd David Tomlinson, Vicar of St John’s – himself dressed as a clergyman of the period said: “Today we are remembering the culture that came to an abrupt end in 1914, a culture of innovation, of exploration of design and fashion. We are celebrating that culture today by holding a craft fair and asking people to come along and explore life as it was then, and to share the crafts that they are still involved in from that period, demonstrating strong links to yesteryear. “Later in the year we will be remembering with sadness and commemorating the horror of the that period when the victorian era ended and life changed for ever. “The money raised today will be used to further our work in the community and for maintaining the church and its community hall – which is used by group as diverse as Scouts and gUides to Slimming World and a whole host of others, the hall is desperately in need of a refit to allow its continued use in serving the community of Shildon.” Images from the celebration

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Audio Interview – David Tomlinson chats with Keith Blundy

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