This page contains a list of Clergy subject to discipline under the Church of England’s Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM).

Reverend Raymond Cuthbertson

Name: Reverend Raymond Cuthbertson

Penalty: Limited Prohibition Penalty Completed – Permission to Officiate Restored

Date Imposed: 02/10/15 Penalty Completed October 2017

Summary of Misconduct: Adultery – inappropriate sexual relations with a married woman.

Reverend David Huntley

Name: Reverend David Huntley

Penalty: Limited Prohibition and Removal from Office

Date Imposed: 12/04/16

Summary of Misconduct: Sexual Relationship with a parishioner outside of marriage, which has resulted in her becoming pregnant.

Venerable George Granville Gibson

Name: Venerable George Granville Gibson

Penalty: Prohibition for Life

Date Imposed: 28/4/17

Summary of Misconduct: Convicted on two counts of indecent assault on two males.

Reverend David Huntley

Name: Reverend David Huntley

Penalty: Prohibition for Life

Date Imposed: 27/10/17

Summary of Misconduct: Fraudulent activity which is unbecoming and inappropriate to the office and work of a Clerk in Holy Orders.

Reverend Alistair Hodkinson

Name: Reverend Alistair Hodkinson

Penalty: Limited Prohibition (4 years)

Date Imposed: 23/01/2019

Summary of Misconduct: Inappropriate behaviour which is unbecoming to the office and work of a clerk in Holy Orders.